Week of Blogging Index

Last week we had a challenge to write a post everyday of that week.  Monday was Mashup Monday.  You had to take a photo that someone else took, then change it some how.  I used be funky, it is a program that you can use to change your photo.

Tuesday was Tuesday Listicle.  You had to come up with a list in a article.

Wednesday was Wordless Wednesday.  You had to get photo and you couldn’t explain it at all.  You couldn’t use any words.

Thursday was Off-The-Cuff Thursday.  It was a free blog post.  You could post about whats on your mind.

Friday was Freelance Friday.  You  had to publish something that you have already written, such as a poem or short story.

Mashup Monday

Tuesday Listacle

Wordless Wednesday

Off-The-Cuff Thursday

Freelance Friday

Novel Excerpt

This is the excerpt to my story.  My story is called Life on a Farm.  This is one of the exciting things in my book.

Carl was driving his four wheeler in the ditch and he sees a big bump. So he tries to avoid it but he hits it with his back tire, and flies into the air. Luckily the handle bars catch him and he regains his balance. Then he stops to calm down for a little while.