Genius Hour

We had genius hour last Friday.  I filmed a cooking challenge.  After I filmed it my friend made a video out of it.  I just took short clips of it, about 5-15 seconds.   I took videos of them mixing, pouring, and baking. One of the groups made cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle.  The other group made chocolate marshmallow bars.  During the process both of the teams took their time to get the desert to perfection. You can find the video on school tube.

I also judged the cooking contest with two other judges.  The judges presented there dessert.  We judged then based on quality/looks and taste.  We all looked at them and wrote down what we thought.  I  thought the cupcakes looked better because they put frosting and sprinkles on them.  I gave the cupcakes more points in quality/looks and taste.  In the end the cup cakes won.

Skype With Mr. Davis

Yesterday our 8th grade class skyped with Mr. Davis.  He is the author of “Don’t Know Much About American History.”  He wrote many other books too.  You can visit his website and check out his books.

We had some questions for Mr. Davis but we ran out of time and I still had one question left.  Here is my question “Who do you think was the best president and the worst president we have had so far?”  What do you think? 

This is Mr. Davis talking to our class via Skype.

This is the 8th Grade Class asking Mr. Davis questions.

Photo Credit- Mrs. Krebs


Barn Quilt

Last week we started making barn quilts.  Our barn quilt is an 8 point star.  We named it the Navigation  Star.  It is white, light blue, dark blue,red, and silver.  First we got a 4ft by 4ft flat piece of plywood.  Then we sanded the edges till they were round and smooth.  Then we primed it so that it would be smooth.  After we primed it we put a black border around it.  Then we drew our design on it with a pencil.  When we got done with drawing our design we started painting.  You will see in the picture later what color we painted it.  We had to tape on the lines so that we wouldn’t paint out of the lines.  We had to put 2 or 3 coats of paint on it so it would cover the primer. 

This is how far we’ve got so far.  We only need to paint the little points.  We are going to paint them red and silver.  Are team worked together by some of us taped it and the others painted, that’s how we got done fast.  You can look at some more barn quilts here.

Week of Blogging Index

Last week we had a challenge to write a post everyday of that week.  Monday was Mashup Monday.  You had to take a photo that someone else took, then change it some how.  I used be funky, it is a program that you can use to change your photo.

Tuesday was Tuesday Listicle.  You had to come up with a list in a article.

Wednesday was Wordless Wednesday.  You had to get photo and you couldn’t explain it at all.  You couldn’t use any words.

Thursday was Off-The-Cuff Thursday.  It was a free blog post.  You could post about whats on your mind.

Friday was Freelance Friday.  You  had to publish something that you have already written, such as a poem or short story.

Mashup Monday

Tuesday Listacle

Wordless Wednesday

Off-The-Cuff Thursday

Freelance Friday

Novel Excerpt

This is the excerpt to my story.  My story is called Life on a Farm.  This is one of the exciting things in my book.

Carl was driving his four wheeler in the ditch and he sees a big bump. So he tries to avoid it but he hits it with his back tire, and flies into the air. Luckily the handle bars catch him and he regains his balance. Then he stops to calm down for a little while.

TSA R/C Cars

I am writing about TSA Remote Control Cars.  I am excited because I have a R/C car I am going to use this year.  It is an buggy that I bought about 2 years ago.  I have two batteries, but I need to order one more motor.  We have a practice track at our school. Last year we didn’t get to build the track, but this year we get to build it.

We have teams of three.  We practice so we can get use to the car, because the other 2 people on my team wont be use to my car.  At TSA they count your laps and whoever has the most laps win.  Last year my team got 5th, and I hope to do better this year.

Five ways to get to School

I am writing this because I always ride to school with my brothers.  Sometimes they say that they’re going to leave without me if I don’t get out there in time.  I know they’re just joking but if they actually did leave I would need a different way to get to school.  Here are the five different ways I made up, that you can use to get to school.

1.take a bus

2.ride bike(if you live close)

3.walk(if you live close)

4.get a ride with a parent

5.get a ride with a friend

Occupy Wall Street

I am a part of the 99%, along with many others.  I think Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is good and bad.  It is good because they are showing the 1% that they need jobs and have needs too.  It is bad because people are getting hurt and wasting cops time.  It is also making others loose there job.  A couple days ago cops kicked out people.  They could come back during the day but they can’t sleep there.



Picture by: david_shankbone on October 29, 2011