Genius Hour

We had genius hour last Friday.  I filmed a cooking challenge.  After I filmed it my friend made a video out of it.  I just took short clips of it, about 5-15 seconds.   I took videos of them mixing, pouring, and baking. One of the groups made cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle.  The other group made chocolate marshmallow bars.  During the process both of the teams took their time to get the desert to perfection. You can find the video on school tube.

I also judged the cooking contest with two other judges.  The judges presented there dessert.  We judged then based on quality/looks and taste.  We all looked at them and wrote down what we thought.  I  thought the cupcakes looked better because they put frosting and sprinkles on them.  I gave the cupcakes more points in quality/looks and taste.  In the end the cup cakes won.

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