Barn Quilt

Last week we started making barn quilts.  Our barn quilt is an 8 point star.  We named it the Navigation  Star.  It is white, light blue, dark blue,red, and silver.  First we got a 4ft by 4ft flat piece of plywood.  Then we sanded the edges till they were round and smooth.  Then we primed it so that it would be smooth.  After we primed it we put a black border around it.  Then we drew our design on it with a pencil.  When we got done with drawing our design we started painting.  You will see in the picture later what color we painted it.  We had to tape on the lines so that we wouldn’t paint out of the lines.  We had to put 2 or 3 coats of paint on it so it would cover the primer. 

This is how far we’ve got so far.  We only need to paint the little points.  We are going to paint them red and silver.  Are team worked together by some of us taped it and the others painted, that’s how we got done fast.  You can look at some more barn quilts here.

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