TSA R/C Cars

I am writing about TSA Remote Control Cars.  I am excited because I have a R/C car I am going to use this year.  It is an buggy that I bought about 2 years ago.  I have two batteries, but I need to order one more motor.  We have a practice track at our school. Last year we didn’t get to build the track, but this year we get to build it.

We have teams of three.  We practice so we can get use to the car, because the other 2 people on my team wont be use to my car.  At TSA they count your laps and whoever has the most laps win.  Last year my team got 5th, and I hope to do better this year.

10 thoughts on “TSA R/C Cars

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  2. Hello, Justin.

    Every year after Christmas, I see people come to the park across the road to try out their new RC cars. For hours they buzz around the dirt area until their batteries need recharging. They can go at incredible speeds. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Thank you for commenting Ross! Yes they do go very fast. I actually have two R/C cars and one of them have such good acceleration if you take off very fast it flips backwards!

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  5. Wow that is an amazing blog and i really liked how you are actually going to use the thing your blogging about and i was wondering how you got it to snow on your screen.

  6. Dear Michael,
    What kind of remote control car does he have? I have a traxxas rustler and a buggy. My traxxas is broke but I hope to get it fixed soon.

  7. Dear Jeffery,
    Thank You for commenting. To get it to snow on your blog you have to go to plugins, then scroll down to let it snow then activate it.
    Let me know when you figure it out or if you can’t find it.

  8. Dear Blake,
    Thank You for commenting. Do you know how to get widgets?
    If you don’t know how I can help you. Please let me know.

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