American Cancer Society

My class was assigned to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  My group came up with “Pie in the Face.”  There are 3 other groups Friday Fun for Cancer and 2 Tree of Hopes.

The Pie in the face is whatever class raises the most money gets to pie a teacher of there choice out of the three teachers then the 2nd place class gets to chose the the teacher of there choice out of the 2 other teachers.  The 3rd place class gets the last teacher.  For every 5 dollars a person puts in there class bucket they get to put there name in a hate for a chance to pie a teacher in the face.

Friday Fun for Cancer is the Parents drop there kids of and the Jr. High watches them.

The two Tree of hopes are they make a tree trunk and people can buy cut out paper hands and write the name of someone who has cancer.  They can also buy a star and put someones name on it who has lost a battle to cancer.


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